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  New Facts

18 May 2022 - Gallery: Elena Kostioukovitch's recent TV and radio appearances

During the last few months, Elena Kostioukovitch took part in a number of Italian TV and radio programmes. Click to view… >>

17 May 2022 - "Reading broadens your life" on RTL 102.5

Elena Kostioukovitch’s ebook “Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin” was the focus of Davide Giacalone’s “Reading broadens your life” spot on the Italian radio RTL 102.5. Click to listen! >>

Zoom meeting on 19/5/2022 - Associazione Milano "Cultura e Natura"

On 19 May 2022 at 17:45, Elena Kostioukovitch will feature on a Zoom interview with the Milan association “Associazione Milano Cultura e Natura”. >>

7 May 2022 - "Ukraine: the danger of ideological drifts" on "Notizie geopolitiche"

Elena Kostioukovitch’s ebook “Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin” was mentioned in an article by Maurizio Delli Santi on the indipendent online magazine “Notizie Geopolitiche”. >>

Conference at Villa Almone (Rome, 29.04.2022) with the DDR dissident, singer Wolf Biermann

On 29.4.2022, Elena Kostioukovitch was invited to a conference at the residence of the German Ambassador in Rome (Villa Almone), featuring the DDR dissident and songwriter, Wolf Biermann. Click to view Elena’s prepared speech for the occasion and some pictures. >>

3 May 2022 - #Twitter mention on the interview with Radio Radicale

On 1 May 2022, Elena Kostioukovitch’s most recent interview with Radio Radicale’s Matteo Angioli was featured in his Twitter account. >>

1 May 2022 - "What's inside the mind of Putin?" on "Il Sole 24 ore.com"

In this article on the web edition of “Il Sole 24 Ore”, Elena Kostioukovitch’s new e-book “Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin” is featured among other books related to Russia-Ukraine war. >>

30 April 2022 - "Elena Kostioukovitch delves into the mind of Putin..." on L'Unione Sarda

On 30 April 2022, Elena Kostioukovitch spoke to “L’Unione Sarda”, analyzing the current Russia-Ukraine conflict and the reasons behind it. >>

29 April 2022 - "Russkij Mir, at the heart of the big conspiracy" on Il Manifesto

On 29 April 2022, Elena Kostioukovitch spoke to “Il Manifesto” about the underlying reasons of the Russia-Ukraine war. >>

25 April 2022 - Elena Kostioukovitch on La7

Elena Kostioukovitch on La7: “Zelensky’s propaganda is inventive, Putin’s one is gloomy and dull.” >>

19 April 2022 - Elena Kostioukovitch's next TV and radio appearances

In the next few days, Elena Kostioukovitch will appear on many Italian TV and radio channels (including Rete 4, Rai 1 and La7), presenting her new ebook “Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin” and speaking about the wider effects of the Russia-Ukraine war. >>