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  New Facts

11 SEPTEMBER 2022, h. 14.30, Mantova, Teatro Bibiena - "Inside the Tsar's mind" Elena Kostioukovitch and Michel Eltchaninoff

On 11 September 2022, Elena Kostioukovitch was one of the guests of Festivaletteratura in Mantua. At 14.30 at Teatro Bibiena, she talked about her ebook about Vladimir Putin along with Michel Eltchaninoff, who wrote a book covering the same topic. Entry: 7,00 € >>

3 September 2022 - Interview with Elena Kostioukovitch - radioradicale.it

The most recent interview on Radio Radicale with Matteo Angioli is now online! Watch Elena talk about the most recent political news with Matteo Angioli and La Stampa journalist Jacopo Iacoboni. >>

3 September 2022 - Latvian translation of "Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin" on "Rigas Laiks"

Elena Kostioukovitch’s “Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin” was translated into Lithuanian and published in the August edition of the magazine “Rigas Laiks” (“The Riga Times”). >>

2 September 2022 - "Gorbachev, the agent of good"

On 2 September 2022, 3 days after the death of Michail Gorbachev, Elena Kostioukovitch wrote an article to commemorate the legacy of one of the most influential politicians of the 20th century. >>

1 September 2022 - Hungarian translation of "Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin" on "Mozgó Világ"

On 25 August 2022, Elena Kostioukovitch’s “Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin” was published in the Hungarian magazine “Mozgó Világ” (“The world in motion”), in Imre Barna’s translation. >>

28 August 2022 - "The mystery about her death and that corpse in the coffin - how Moscow created the Dugina-myth." on La Stampa

On 28 August 2022, Francesca Sforza’s intriguing interview with Elena Kostiukovitch was published on La Stampa. Elena delves into Russia’s past to understand its troubled present. Click to read! >>

24 August 2022 - "Who knows if Daria Dugina's murder is real?" on Il Mattino di Napoli

On 24 August 2022, Titti Marrone took an interview from Elena Kostioukovitch about the most recent news of the Russia-Ukraine war. Click to read! >>

17 August 2022 - Gallery: Elena Kostioukovitch's recent TV and radio appearances

During the last few months, Elena Kostioukovitch took part in a number of Italian TV and radio programmes. Click to view… >>

12 August 2022 - "... The twisted dreams of a Great Russia" on "Die Welt"

In the German newspaper “Die Welt”, Elena Kostioukovitch’s book “Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin” was quoted inside an article analyzing Russian propaganda. >>

29 July 2022 - Polish edition of "Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin"

On 29 July 2022, the Polish edition of Elena Kostioukovitch’s ebook “Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin” came out. Click on the link to buy! >>

25 July 2022 - "Elena Kostioukovitch's travel inside the mind of Vladmir Putin" on "Huffington Post"

On 25 July 2022, Elio Cappuccio reviewed and analysed Elena Kostioukovitch’s recent ebook “Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin” on the italian edition of Huffington Post. >>