Elena Kostioukovitch wins the 2012 'Gogol in Italy' prize

Elena Kostioukovitch is the winner of the 2012 edition of the ‘Nikolai Gogol in Italy’ award, established in 2009… >>

17/07/2010 New Russian edition of 'Why Italians Love to Talk about Food' heads the list of bestselling titles of Moscow DOM KNIGI bookselling chain

For three consecutive weeks the new Russian edition of ‘Why Italians Love to Talk about Food’ by Elena Kostioukovitch (2010, SLOVO publishing house, 2 volumes) has occupied three of the top… >>

04/03/2010 Elena Kostioukovich's translation of Eco's novel is a finalist in the 2010 Gorky Prize in Italy

We are glad to announce that Elena Kostioukovich’s translation of La misteriosa fiamma della regina Loana (The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana) is among the finalists of 2010 Premio Gorky… >>

04/03/2010 Elena Kostioukovich's Why Italians Love to Talk about Food is a finalist in the 2010 IACP Cookbook Award

The International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) is a worldwide forum for the development and exchange of information, knowledge, and inspiration within the professional food and beverage community. With nearly 3,000 members from more than 32 countries… >>

06/2009 Why Italians Love to Talk about Food by Elena Kostioukovitch maintains the first place on TDK "Moscow" bestsellers list

Why Italians Love to Talk about Food by Elena Kostioukovitch maintains the first place on TDK “Moscow” bestsellers list… >>

11/04/2008 Elena Kostioukovitch wins Italian National Translation Award

L’11 aprile 2008 sono stati assegnati i Premi Nazionali per la Traduzione, istituiti dal Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, destinati a traduttori ed editori italiani e stranieri… >>

2007 Top-100 people in La Repubblica (Italy)

KOSTIOUKOVITCH ELENA (scrittrice) Vive in Italia da 20, ha tradotto in russo tutto Umberto Eco, che scrive la prefazione di “Why Italians Love to Talk about Food”… >>

11/2007 Top Rating in TDK "Moscow"

100 лучших книг ТДК «Москва» в разделе «Кулинария. Виноделие. Консервирование» за период с 01/11/2007 по 31/11/ 2007… >>

27/10/2007 Chiavari Literary Prize

“Why Italians Love to Talk about Food” by Elena Kostioukovitch is the Winner of the Chiavari literary award (Italy). See pictures… >>

07/10/2007 Bancarella (cucina) Award

On October 7 in Pontremoli (Italy) took place the ceremony of BANCARELLA Cucina Prize 2007… >>

2006 Restaurateurs&Hoteliers Federation Hospitality Prize (Russia)

«Гостеприимство» объединило традиции поколений, многолетний опыт и вековую преемственность. В 2006 году российские рестораторы отмечают 100-летний юбилей со дня создания Общества взаимопомощи владельцев трактирного промысла… >>

17/06/2004 Grinzane Cavour Mosca Literary Prize (Italy)

Il Premio Grinzane Cavour, in collaborazione con la Regione Piemonte e il Ministero degli Affari Esteri, torna in Russia, martedi 13 luglio, con la prima edizione del “Premio Grinzane Cavour – Mosca”… >>

11/2003 Top Rating Ozon

Книги. Самые популярные авторы. Елена Костюкович… >>

1999 Zoil Literary Award

Почетный диплом критики “зоИЛ” присуждаемый независимым журналистским жюри 1999 – Елена Костюкович за перевод романа Умберто Эко “Остров накануне”… >>