17 August 2022 - Gallery: Elena Kostioukovitch's recent TV and radio appearances

During the last few months, Elena Kostioukovitch took part in a number of Italian TV and radio programmes. Click to view… >>

13 September 2020 - New Polish Edition of "Why Italians Love to Talk About Food" - Press report

A new edition of Elena Kostioukovitch’s “Why Italians Love to Talk About Food” have just been published in Poland by Albatros. Have a look at some of the Polish reviews! >>

Photogallery: Presentation of Elena's Book about Italian Food Culture, Panama, November 2017

Elena Kostioukovitch presented her book “Why Italians Love to Talk About Food”, as part of the Semana de la Gastronomía Italiana (Week of Italian Gastronomy), in November 2017, at Sociedad Italiana de Panama. >>

Observation trips, interviews with chefs of three-star Michelin rated restaurants

Observation trips, interviews with chefs of three-star Michelin rated restaurants and cooking competitions are still going on…Italy, Switzerland. >>

Moscow 17-19 May 2016

Elena Kostioukovitch at Moscow’s “House of Books” (Дом книги): «Umberto Eco’s favourite spots in Italy» Елена Костюкович в Московском Доме книги: «Памятные места Умберто Эко в Италии» >>

Ferrara 28-29 May 2016

Сollecting material for new book: Some photos from the trip to Ferrara city. >>

Elena Kostioukovitch presented "Sette Notti" at "Libraccio", Brescia, 24 January 2016

Anna Frizzera met Elena Kostioukovitch, author of the novel “Sette Notti” >>

Elena Kostioukovitch took part in the International conference 'Past and Present of Russian Literature Abroad', 5-6 October 2015

International conference will be taking place in the Solzhenitsyn House of Russia Abroad at Nizhnyaya Radishchevskaya str., 2, Moscow… >>

Elena Kostioukovitch participated in a public dialogue with Davide Paolini - 3 June 2015

On this occasion, an exhibition of Alex Pivovarov’s artistic photos will take place. Alex Pivovarov is the Author of most illustrative photos to the Elena Kostioukovitch’s book… >>

Elena Kostioukovitch explored Tuscan marble and alabaster caves - May 2015

May 4th till 10th 2015, Elena Kostioukovitch explored Tuscany marble and alabaster caves, collecting materials for her new book. >>

Elena Kostioukovitch presented her book SEVEN NIGHTS in Forlì - 29 April 2015

Book presentation at Mondadori Bookstore. Margherita De Michiel also took part. >>

UMBERTO ECO presented Seven Nights @ laFeltrinelli, Milan - 20 March 2015

On March 20th 2015 Umberto Eco presented Elena Kostioukovitch’s novel Sette Notti at La Feltrinelli, Milan… >>

Public lectures in Israel, 8-12 February, 2015

On 8-12 February 2015, EK held two public lectures in Israel: one at the Russian Library in Jerusalem and one at the Russian stand of the International Book Fair… >>

Zwinger presentation at NON/Fiction fair, 30/11/2013

Photos of the presentation Elena Kostioukovitch novel “Zwinger” at NON/Fiction fair… >>

Research in German museums and archives, January and August 2013

For her novel Zwinger, Elena has conducted a research in German museums and archives. In January and in August of 2013, Elena visited Saxony… >>

Elena Kostioukovitch wins the 2012 'Gogol in Italy' prize

Elena Kostioukovitch is the winner of the 2012 edition of the award ‘Nikolai Gogol in Italy’… >>

Elena Kostioukovitch in Zhitomir, Ukraine, 12/09/2012

Field research for the new fiction title “Zwinger” (to be published in 2013 by Corpus Books, Moscow). >>

19th Lviv Book Forum and 7th Lviv Literary Festival

See pictures… >>

2011 Torino Salone del Libro

See pictures… >>

2010 Armenia

See pictures… >>

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