La Milanesiana festival, June 27, 2014

Elena Kostioukovitch participated at "La Milanesiana" festival together with Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Svetlana Alexievich, Ferruccio de Bortoli, Uri Caine, Mauro Covacich, Dacia Maraini and Elisabetta Sgarbi.
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Venice, Italy, 2013

Collecting materials for the new book

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Milano, Italy, 2014

At home

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Milano, Italy, 2013

At home

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Milano, Italy, 2012

At home

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Moscow, 2004

Grinzane Cavour Award
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La Milanesiana, Milan, 2007

Literary Music Cinema Festival

Umberto Eco, EK
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S.-Petersburg, 2011

Nabokov Museum
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Turin, 2008

Terra Madre Food Festival

Gio Batta Bruzzone, EK
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Moscow, 2006

EK at home
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San Remo, 2009

Ludmila Ulitskaya, EK
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Milan, 1988

Bompiani Publishing House

Umberto Eco, EK
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Rome, 1998. Conference:

The Slavic Word between Revolution and Evolution (Balzan Award)

Andrey Zorin (Oxford Professor, Slavic Dep.), EK
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Moscow, 2006

Making plans for 'Memories of a War Interpreter'

Elena Rzhevskaya and EK
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Torino Book Salon, 1990

Presentation of Russian Antology edited for Bompiani by EK

Mario Andreose (Literary director of RCS Group), EK
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Fano, Italy, 1988

Big Promo Tour of Russian Chanson

Bulat Okudzhava, EK
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  New Facts

Fascist Marinetti fought against Italian pasta -, 12/02/17

Elena Kostioukovitch is Russian and she not only translated Umberto Eco’s novels into her language. She is also the author of “Why Italians Love to Talk About Food”, a book whose foreword has been written with pleasure by Umberto Eco himself. >>

Umberto Eco: through the mask of irony - la nacion, 23/12/16

Able to laugh even about his own funniness, Umberto Eco passed away just in time – suggests the translator of his works, author of this text – to avoid the troubles of senility; he leaves us a work which is truly indispensable. >>

Why Italians Love To Talk About Food - La Capital, 03/12/16

Elena Kostioukovitch’s book is an enchanting trip through geography and taste, to find out about history, culture and customs of Italy. >>

Elena Kostioukovitch: No writer is happy- la nacion, 09/12/16

The Russian translator and author of her own literary work, took her literary language from the great Italian writers; the advice given to her by Umberto Eco… >>

Why do we love to talk about food? - la nacion, 03/11/16

As she succeeded in translating every single level of Italian language, every regional inflection (in Italy there are as many dialects as people), the author put into words a trip from North to South in which food is what brings together all the parts of the journey… >>

What parmigiano tells us,, 25 november 2016

From this italian postcard emerged one of the most delicious cuisines of the world, along with the intellectual creativity which was given, among many others, to the brilliant writer and intellectual Umberto Eco. >>

Pei News/ Argentina, a Buenos Aires è protagonista Umberto Eco,, 24 novembre

Conferenza a cura di Elena Kostioukovitch all’Istituto italiano di cultura >>