'Why Italians Love to Talk About Food' - Los Angeles Times, 26/12/2009

McDonald’s has had a difficult time in Italy, reports Elena Kostioukovitch in “Why Italians Love to Talk About Food.” Some boycotts led to closures, franchises were forced to conform with local architecture and… >>

El arte de la buena mesa - Elcorreo.com, 12/2009

Durante la Edad Moderna, los Estados italianos reclamaron la aportación de los mejores artistas de Europa. Los banquetes que tenían lugar en sus opulentas cortes también se hallaban al mismo nivel y a la abundancia se sumaba la extraordinaria… >>

Eleventh-Hour Food Books - The Atlantic Food Channel, 24/12/2009

I’ve just been out doing last-minute shopping. You’re out doing last-minute shopping. Or deciding what to do with the book-buying gift certificates that always make the best Christmas gifts. Here are suggestions I’ve been meaning to make… >>

Big gifts built to last - The StarPhoenix, 19/12/2009

Sure, it’s not really a coffee table book, but I love to have a recipe or food book kicking around, particularly through the holidays. I thumb through it, dream of places I want to visit… >>

Comer, hablar, amar Italia - El Viajero, Diario EL PAIS, 19/12/2009

Si un libro fuese un menú, Por qué a los italianos les gusta hablar de comida tiene dos sabrosos entrantes. Por un lado, un título jugoso; por otro, un prólogo de Umberto Eco, de quien la autora… >>

Cuando el mundo es un mantel - Diario El Cultural, 18/12/2009

Según parece, ya Petrarca se lamentaba de que a sus compatriotas italianos les apasionase más la buena mesa que la literatura y los siglos han acentuado esta impresión. De norte a sur… >>

FOOD BOOKS - Politics and Prose Bookstore & Coffeeshop website, 12/2009

This masterful tome is a culinary encyclopedia and travelogue—a chronicle of Italy’s regional cuisines. In each chapter, Kostioukovitch introduces a region and explores the foods that… >>

Year-end Countdown: Food Writing, Food Guides, and Famous Names - Thegastronomersbookshelf.com, 14/12/2009

In this entertaining narrative, essayist Elena Kostioukovitch takes us on a journey through one of the world’s richest and most adored food cultures… >>

Mary Alice’s Books of Christmas for Food Lovers - Mystery Lovers's Kitchen, 13/12/2009

Each year at Holiday time, our mystery book store is bursting with more than mystery books. There are terrific children’s books, gift books, games and puzzles packing the shelves. For the mystery lovers who love food… >>

El sabor de la conversación - NOTICIAS Siglo XXI, LNE.es, 13/12/2009

En Italia, las cosas han dejado hace tiempo de ser como las vio el escritor Ippolito Nievo o el noble veneciano Carlo Altoviti, pero merece la pena detenerse en esta descripción para pasar a hablar de lo siguiente, que es la comida… >>

Kitchen Call: Give the gift of cooking - GateHouse News Service, 11/12/2009

“Why Italians Love To Talk About Food” by Elena Kostioukovitch. If you’ve ever sat at the dinner table with someone of Italian ancestry, you may have noticed a distinctly Italian trait: They will reminisce about past meals… >>

More amore: New Italian cookbooks - Minneapolis Star Tribune, 09/12/2009

It’s like an encyclopedia compiled and penned by a seriously gifted writer, in this case Elena Kostioukovitch. Infused throughout is Kostioukovitch’s passion for Italy and its wide-ranging cuisine; you could even call it amore… >>

Choices in food literature abound - Chicago Tribune, 09/12/2009

Elena Kostioukovitch, who was Umberto Eco’s Russian translator, walks us from north to south, each stop densely researched. There are no recipes. Photos are gorgeous… >>

Why Italians Love To Talk About Food - Web Wombat, 12/2009

Web Wombat – Why Italians Love To Talk About Food >>

25 More Cookbooks - The New York Times, 06/12/2009

WHY ITALIANS LOVE TO TALK ABOUT FOOD. By Elena Kostioukovitch, translated by Anne Milano Appel. Umberto Eco’s translator shares cultural, historical and sociopolitical wisdom in this charming gastronomic survey of the food of her adopted country… >>

An ode to Italy's food, and its place in Italian culture - The Montreal Gazette, 03/12/2009

The Montreal Gazette – An ode to Italy’s food, and its place in Italian culture… >>

Holiday Cookbooks and Winebooks for Gifting, Part One - Gothic Epicures VinCuisine blog, 28/11/2009

This is a travelogue journey through Italy’s regional cuisines, from the Alps to Sicily. As a newcomer to Italy, the author immediately noticed the differences of taste, language… >>
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