Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Beautiful Books
Packed with stunning photos and colorful illustrations, these 10 gorgeous tomes -- covering everything from food, to football, to fabulous dogs -- will please all the book lovers on your list
By Kate Ward | Nov 19, 2009

WHY ITALIANS LOVE TO TALK ABOUT FOOD by Elena Kostioukovitch, Anne Milano Appel, Umberto Eco, and Carol Field
Let's face it: Your loved ones have had enough gingerbread and cranberry sauce to last them until 2010's holiday season. So pick up this mouth-watering narrative to read about a cuisine that's rarely associated with the holidays — Italian food. Complete with illustrations, menus, and maps of Italy, this mouth-watering book will appeal to your loved one's inner foodie. Or encourage him/her to make you one hearty meal as a thank you.