On November 26thKostioukovitch_settenotti the Italian edition of Zwinger will come out under the title Sette Notti (Seven Nights). The book was translated by Elena Kostioukovitch herself into Italian and will be published by Bompiani.

Viktor Zieman, a multilingual womanizer in his forties, works as an archivist - he is specialized in the recovery of lost manuscripts. His job is to preserve the memory, to bring the truth to light. Suddenly, on the eve of his departure for the Frankfurt Book Fair, he receives a phone call: an unlikely Bulgarian literary agency wants to sell him the manuscripts of his own grandfather, Semyon Zalusski, the man who found the treasures of the gallery in Dresden stolen by the Germans during the second world war. Thus a daring adventure begins in which past and present, history and private life, suspense and humour flow into one another. With a style that combines comedy and culture, irony and lyricism, thriller and historical novel, Seven Nights is one of a kind. A captivating book that makes you laugh and makes you cry and, in the end, leaves you breathless.