Why Italians Love to Talk about Food is a comprehensive, sophisticated, witty and historically accurate record of a country, its people, and the food that they eat (and how this food is directly tied in to the Italian love and enjoyment of life). An entirely fresh, new and unique look at Italy through the prism of food and Italy’s many epicurean delights, Elena Kostioukovitch brilliantly explores the history, culture and landscape of a country with a long-ago established reputation as a culinary mecca. Why Italians Love to Talk about Food is like no other book on Italy, or its food, and will be a welcome addition to the library—and the kitchens—of all who come to relish the delights held within its pages!
Meticulously researched and beautifully crafted, the book is rich with striking details: maps, menus, and detailed discussions of the regions’ specialty dishes, products and drinks. Traveling through each of Italy’s regions, Why Italians Love to Talk about Food is peppered with delightful insight and anecdotes at every turn. Discover why Liguria, a region where many local inhabitants have historically made their living as fishermen, is known not for its seafood dishes, but for the meat and vegetable pies that make up the region’s “homecoming” food. Explore how the town of Alba, in the region of Piedmont, world famous for its white truffles, fetes them accordingly with parades, festivals and the appointment of an annual Miss Truffle.
Comprehensive sub-chapters allow the author to step momentarily away from the discussion of each region’s gastronomic pleasures and uncover ancient traditions, local celebrations—dedicated to everything from risotto to anchovies from olives to asparagus to Alba’s celebration of the white truffle, and offer insight into the Italian lifestyle. Detailed glossaries are completely innovative, introducing all manner of Italian foods and products, allowing one to become familiar with food combinations and pairings that promise to make the reader as well versed in the ways of Italian cooking as the most accomplished of chefs.
Why Italians Love to Talk about Food is a truly unique and saleable book, sure to be savored and appreciated—and kept on the back list—by food lovers, history buffs, fans of travel writing, and any and all who relish life in the Italian style.
The renowned translator of Umberto Eco, a professor at the State University of Milan and a cultural attaché, Elena Kostioukovitch lives in Milan.