16-17 September 2017, Glasgow, Scotland. Conference at the University of Glasgow

Ludmila Ulitskaya and Elena Kostioukovitch meet the Glasgow University students on the academic conference: “100 Years of Russian Studies at the University of Glasgow – Teaching, Research, Memory”. >>

19 May 2017, Varna, Bulgaria. Presentation of the Bulgarian edition of Elena Kostioukovitch's book "Why italians love to talk about food"

On 19 May 2017, in Varna, on the occasion of the grand opening of the touristic season, in partnership with Varna Radio, National Radio and Television of Bulgaria, there was a presentation of the Bulgarian edition of Elena Kostioukovitch’s book “Why italians love to talk about food”, published by Avliga Books in Sofia. >>

5 May 2017, Kiev, Ukraine. Commemorative ceremony in memory of Grigory Kostantinovsky

A commemorative plaque in honor of Grigory Benyaminovich Konstantinovsky, killed in the years of mass repression – grand-grandfather of Elena Kostioukovitch – has been affixed in Kiev on May 5, 2017. >>

11 May 2017. Interview with Elena Kostioukovitch - 24tv.ua

Elena Kostioukovitch made an interview for site “24tv.ua”, explaining what her travel to Kiev meant for her, what her generation has been deprived of by the Sovietic repression machine and why we can never forget about it. >>

3 May 2017. Elena Kostioukovitch for "Last Address" website

Text, written by Elena Kostioukovitch for “Last Address” website, for the day in which a commemorative plaque in honour of Grigory Benyaminovich Konstantinovsky will be attached to the wall of his house in Kiev, Shota Rustaveli St., n.23. >>

5 May 2017, Kiev, Ukraine. Commemorative ceremony

On 5 May 2017 at 14.00 a commemorative plaque in honour of Elena’s grand-grandfather, the engineer Grigory Benyaminovich Konstantinovsky, will be attached to the wall of his house in Kiev, Shota Rustaveli St., n.23. All welcome to the opening ceremony! >>

Carnival of Viareggio 2017

Elena Kostioukovitch participated in the 144th edition of the Carnival of Viareggio as a member of the jury. The majestic final parade of 37 floats and masks took place on the 26th of February… >>

Women in Dostoyevsky's literary work, - dialogue with Fausto Malcovati at Teatro Franco Parenti on the 14th of March 2017

Elena Kostioukovitch had a dialogue with Fausto Malcovati at Teatro Franco Parenti on the 14th of March 2017 at 7 pm about the role of women in Dostoyevsky’s literary work. >>

Fascist Marinetti fought against Italian pasta - tiempoar.com.ar, 12/02/17

Elena Kostioukovitch is Russian and she not only translated Umberto Eco’s novels into her language. She is also the author of “Why Italians Love to Talk About Food”, a book whose foreword has been written with pleasure by Umberto Eco himself. >>

Umberto Eco: through the mask of irony - la nacion, 23/12/16

Able to laugh even about his own funniness, Umberto Eco passed away just in time – suggests the translator of his works, author of this text – to avoid the troubles of senility; he leaves us a work which is truly indispensable. >>

Why Italians Love To Talk About Food - La Capital, 03/12/16

Elena Kostioukovitch’s book is an enchanting trip through geography and taste, to find out about history, culture and customs of Italy. >>

Elena Kostioukovitch: No writer is happy- la nacion, 09/12/16

The Russian translator and author of her own literary work, took her literary language from the great Italian writers; the advice given to her by Umberto Eco… >>

Why do we love to talk about food? - la nacion, 03/11/16

As she succeeded in translating every single level of Italian language, every regional inflection (in Italy there are as many dialects as people), the author put into words a trip from North to South in which food is what brings together all the parts of the journey… >>

What parmigiano tells us, clarin.com, 25 november 2016

From this italian postcard emerged one of the most delicious cuisines of the world, along with the intellectual creativity which was given, among many others, to the brilliant writer and intellectual Umberto Eco. >>

Pei News/ Argentina, a Buenos Aires è protagonista Umberto Eco, ilvelino.it, 24 novembre

Conferenza a cura di Elena Kostioukovitch all’Istituto italiano di cultura >>

Primera Semana de la Cocina Italiana en el mundo, 23-29 Noviembre 2016

Elena Kostiukovitch participará en los eventos principales de la Primera edición de SEMANA DE LA COCINA ITALIANA EN EL MUNDO y ofrecerá una serie de conferencias… >>

Closing event of “First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World”, Buenos Aires, November 2016

At La Usina del Arte, in the last weekend of november, a conversation will be held between the famous writer Elena Kostioukovitch, author of the book “Why italians love to talk about food”, and the gastronomic journalist Pietro Sorba. >>

Russian memories of the Short Twentieth Century: war and labour camps (GULAG), Bookcity, Milano, 17/11/2016

Due storie di individui sotto il peso della storia e dello stato: Elena Rževskaja, “Memorie di una interprete di guerrae” e trilogia di Oleg Pavlov. >>

Elena Kostioukovitch short presentation at a conference in Decin, 22/10/2016

Conference in Decin dedicated to the fate of German art tresures at the end of World War II. >>

Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair, 4-5/11/2016

Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair is a 5-day event held from 2nd November to the 6th November 2016 at the Krasnoyarsk Siberia Exhibition Centre in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. >>
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